About This Document

The road to Emacs is not easy: I have tried to use Emacs for many years, and started using on daily basis from Jun 2014. The transition is difficulty, and full of tears and bloody, and every day I feel like being doomed in the dark. About Jan 2015, I start to the light. And conquered Emacs, and it now becomes a symbol of me, and I use it does most of productive work.

As the configuration grows bigger and bigger, a single init.el is not suitable for organising, testing, and expanding any more. Previously, I have about 7 .el files, for example, setup-org.el, setup-email.el, and I document on each file. Inspired by Sachua’s new posts, I think it would be a brilliant idea to org Emacs configuration code into one single org file, letting along the convince of organising and share my settings, the precious thing I would appreciate is it provide a way I could start with a long comments, thoughts or workflow. In this way, the code becomes less important as it should be.

My configuration file is initially separated by different purpose or mode, but as it growths, it became probelmatic in tracking, and, As for other Emacs user, my configuration is keep growing, and This documents is first combined by 5 configuration files, and it keeps expanding, I use literate programming to include all the notes, and keep a log of how I use them

This Emacs configuration is free of bug and fully tested on Ubuntu and OS X.

Normally you could tangle an org file to extract all the source code into one file, that you could use. But I would like to push literate programming further in two aspects: 1) the source code takes input from this org file, I.e. table. 2) it facility Babel Library to integrate not only Emacs Lisp, but also sh and R functions that could be run in Emacs, and I found it particular useful.